• Stephen Usery

Non-Profit Strategic Planning

Why does a non-profit need a strategic plan? In a word: focus.

In our experience, non-profits have far more mission-centered issues to address than they have resources. Where should the organization spend its limited resources? How can it justify saying “no” to projects and programs that seem closely mission aligned and/or come with money attached? How can it assess the trade-offs among its broader mission, its core competencies, and the things that drive revenue? In short, how can a non-profit decide where to focus in order the have the greatest impact? A good strategic plan will help answer all of these questions.

The strategic planning process will bring together the Board, executive leadership, staff and those served by the non-profit to develop a set of clearly defined, commonly understood goals. These strategic goals then drive ongoing decisions about the activities of the organization and provide a way to evaluate the effectiveness of those activities.

Whether starting a new organization, fine tuning a successful established organization, or revitalizing an organization that is struggling, strategic planning is a key factor in leading your non-profit to higher performance. Contact us to learn how we can help guide you on that path.

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