• Stephen Usery

Non-Profit Brand & Marketing Strategy

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

For most non-profit organizations there is no time or money for nice-to-haves. And frequently brand and marketing strategy are considered just that – nice to have. But without a sound strategy, marketing and communications decisions come willy-nilly: a new website is designed, the logo is updated, language for grant applications is crafted, materials for a new program are created. Your organization’s brand becomes, by default, the sum of these uncoordinated elements.

And what does that uncoordinated brand communicate? Does it clarify or confuse the purpose of your organization? Is it consistent or contradictory? What does it make the recipient of your messages think? How does it make them feel?

Equally important, how much time is your staff spending reinventing the wheel from project to project and year to year?

A sound brand and marketing strategy not only ensures that your organization is communicating what it intends to, but it can save significant staff time and effort by clarifying how the organization should present itself across all forms of communication.

Far from nice-to-have, a well-defined brand and marketing strategy is key to creating a high performance non-profit. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get there.

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